Increasing employability

The ELDeM YOU main goal is increasing employability among youth in Europe and improving career guidance and support in finding suitable and interesting jobs

Innovative and scientific

Part of the ELDeM YOU project is an innovative and scientifically based approach on life and career guidance and taking active charge of one’s possibilities

Publicly available

Our results are publicly available, funded under the European Union, for young people and youth workers to explore and benefit from the tools

What is ELDeM YOU?

The ELDeM YOU project combines the work of five different organisations who are working together to support young people and youth workers in finding a fitting and motivating job for youth in Europe. With the goal of fostering the education, employability and skills of young people, we are focused on providing youth and youth workers with a method and tools to actively take charge of their lives and the future.

Using the concept of Life Design, the project centres on various areas of life and how these areas can be planned out, managed, and realised – how they can be “designed”. 

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